Fried guinea fowl breast served with red cabbage puree, with smoked cauliflower, parsley oil and demi glace sauce

49,00 PLN

Pork tenderloin served on pearl barley with plums, kale chips and smoked apple mousse

42,00 PLN

Silesian beef roulade served with dumplings and stewed red cabbage

43,00 PLN

Baked pork’s shank served on rosemary puree with beer sauce, pickled brussels , dried sauerkraut and mustard ice cream

55,00 PLN

Confited goose’s leg served on sauerkraut with quince and beetroot dumplings

69,00 PLN

Beef tenderloin steak served on spicy pumpkin mousse with grilled vegetables and truffled potatoe pureee

 79,00 PLN

Saddle of deer stuck in a burnt hay served with stuffed cabbage with pearl barley, dried wild mushrooms, smoked plum mousse and marinated beetroot

 98,00 PLN

Salmon served on black lentils, savoy cabbage, smoked trout mousse and lovage olive oil

46,00 PLN 

 Homemade dumplings stuffed with smoked white cheese, potatoes and fried onion 

22,00 PLN 


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